Perfect strangers

Solo exhibition at Triumph gallery, Moscow, 2014
Introducing life-size portraits with “pixelating” details,
“Perfect strangers” represents a new anthology of collective memory.
Artistic and anthropological inspiration comes from hundred-year-old
pictures depicting forgotten people lost in XIX century history.
The outcome is a humanity that has never been so far and so close at
the same time.

Developed since 2012, “Perfect Strangers” is a series of works that captures similarities
and differences between Belle Époque and our own present days. In painting, portraits
combine realism and deformation of the image, a distortion that provides evidence for
us of the heavy load of modernity in this attempt to reconstruct identity. Beside painting, this research includes instant photography that records birth, evolution and collapse of each portrait.
Polaroid shots are the only evidence (ephemeral, as they are unreplicable) of this
process of representation and subsequent distortion of the imprinted figures.
Each instantaneous snap bears witness the process of partial disappearance of faces or
details in every picture.

In 2016 the artistic investigation gave birth to the "Perfect Strangers Library", a participated project involving local communities to create a new series of handmade unique books.