Perfect Strangers Library - concept

The “Perfect Strangers Library” is a participated project that involves local communities in creating a new series of handmade unique books.
This series of volumes becomes a new “mirror” for a community, showing exciting or disturbing transition of cultures, relationships and urban spaces, mainly through analog images processing.

The so called “common people” or “perfect strangers” share informations and contribute to a virtually endless library.
The Italian artist promotes a new anthology of collective memory and perception, registering every kind of clue, from quotes to collages, from old pictures to instant photos, from folk tales to street snapshots.
Interviews and meetings with local people as well as workshops and visits are the origin of his analysis, the basis of his inspiration and a continue feedback for artistic work.

The “Perfect Strangers Library” represents a human discovering experience for the participants as well for the artist.
Every book is an album of an extended family: perfect strangers will face themselves in a hyper-library, digitally available worldwide.
This collection of artist's books is the opportunity to create a unique visual story about specific topics and front present feelings towards future.

Every cooperation is welcome: the involvement of local artists and cultural agents is extremely important and it implements the project. Activities are balanced to the framework, involving for example children, youngsters, elderly persons, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, professionals, people with disabilities or specific needs.
If you are interested in developing the Perfect Strangers Library in a specific framework, please contact Mattia Campo Dall'Orto at